Developing a new healthy habit is never easy. Sometimes we need a little help. By committing yourself to a 28 Day Fitness Challenge you can set yourself up for a lifelong healthy fitness habit.

A 28 Day Fitness Challenge is beneficial for those wanting to reduce cellulite and begin to build up their abs. While getting into the best shape of their your life you will be supported through the entire program and benefit from an easy to follow nutritional program.


For 28 days you will enjoy up to 8 personal training sessions. Your personal trainer will help you to burn fat while increasing your muscle tone. Support and motivation will keep you on track to achieving your goals.


Good nutrition is a very important part of a healthy lifestyle, you will enjoy the benefits of a 2-phase nutrition plan during your fitness challenge. This will not only support your weight loss but also set you up for lifelong healthy eating habits. A valuable resource for you to take with you into your new healthy lifestyle.


Without adequate support, many people fail at lifestyle changes, especially when it comes to new fitness or nutritional changes. You will enjoy the benefits of a non-judgemental and supportive community. During your 28 day challenge, you will have daily support from your coach as well as access to a private Facebook group.

Why 28 Day Fitness Challenges Work

Results come from the consistent and regular effort. By having structure, support, and a regular workout schedule you are more likely to succeed with your goals. A commitment to 28 days of regular exercise is the first step to an ongoing healthy and active lifestyle. It will set you up for positive behavioural changes while giving you motivation and a sense of community.

28 Day Fitness Challenge Results

The 28 Day Fitness Challenge can help you to see a reduction in body fat and cellulite while giving your body a more toned look. A new fitness routine will not only show physical results, but you will also enjoy the benefits of all-round health such as reduced stress, increased energy and simply feeling happier. Now is the time to challenge yourself to get into the best shape of your life and taking the first step to a healthier you.


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