Just 28 days is the amount of time it takes to make or break a habit. The same amount of time you might wait between appointments to get your nails done, or maybe it’s the time it takes you to get around to mowing the lawn, getting your monthly pay cheque, catching up with that friend for coffee or maybe it’s been 28 days since the last time you said you’d make your health and yourself a priority? 28 days is all it takes to create a new habit, just imagine if you’d stuck with it 28 days ago…

More often than not, it’s not that we aren’t capable of changing our habits, we are all capable and we know that – it’s that no one is keeping us accountable. There is no one in our corner, in our pocket every second of the day making sure we are staying on track, answering our questions, telling us that we can damn well do it and to remind us why we started. So, what if there was? Or there could be?

What if you could have your personal trainer not only at the gym, but in your pocket, keeping you on track, answering your questions and giving you professional advice about meal prep, workouts, and nutrition. Checking in on your progress every single day, for 28 days. We believe that you could smash those old habits and create new ones in the process of shedding unwanted body fat, and tightening your body.

This is exactly what our 141 Fitness 28-Day Challenge offers, and that’s why we have seen some incredible results from our past challenges so far.┬áIf you are ready to set yourself a 28 Day Challenge that you are actually going to stick with, then there is no time like right now. We have just announced our next intake for our 28-Day Challenge to help you lose fat, gain muscle, increase your confidence and capabilities in the gym, learn more about what types of food to eat and create some brand new habits that will set you up to achieve your goals well beyond 28 days.

If it is time that you started looking after your health and putting yourself first, time that you started making nutrition a priority and moving your body to get the most out of life then it’s time for you to sign up for our 28-Day Challenge. We will be there every step of the way to help you achieve your goals.

The next 28-Day Challenge starts on Monday 6th May 2019, to register or find out more information click here!

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Some Results from those who have continued on after the challenge

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