So you’ve taken the plunge and you are starting a new work out program, well done, you! Getting started can be the hardest part – but now that you are on the road to success, here are some tips to keep you moving towards your exercise goals.

Keep it light

Looking around the gym, it can be easy to feel intimidated by the amount of weight other gym goers are lifting, but its important not to compare.  They may have been working out with a trainer for years to get to the level they are at.  All you need to do, is focus on what is safe and comfortable for you. After all, everybody has to start somewhere, so make sure you start at a level within your capabilities and with time, you will build up your strength.

Start slow

The greatest feeling is when you first start working out, and you are full of excitement and motivation, but its important do as the saying goes – you have to walk before you can run. The same goes for when you working out – listen to your workout trainer, they have your best interests in mind and know the path to reaching your goals, so if you feel impatient that you aren’t seeing results quick enough, just remember that results come with time and dedication.

Frequency leads to results

There are no shortcuts when it comes to working out, it takes time and perseverance. By figuring out a realistic gym schedule that fits in with your lifestyle, you can make sure you are working out regularly as frequency is the key.

Bring a Buddy

If you find it hard to catch up with friends around work, school or kids – meet up with them at the gym! By knowing that your buddy will be at the gym, it will give you that extra motivation to keep attending regularly.

Have fun

A workout should be fun! The best way to stay motivated with your fitness routine is to enjoy it and look forward to your next session. If you find yourself making up excuses to avoid the gym, then something isn’t right; perhaps the class you are doing isn’t right for you, perhaps the circuit steps you are doing are too challenging, whatever the reason, don’t give up! Talk to the workout trainers and figure out what part of your gym routine is holding you back, and what parts you most enjoy.  From there you can find a way to incorporate the parts you love, into every session.

A great trainer can only do so much, so its important that you do all that you can to keep yourself healthy, focused and motivated to strive towards your work out goals.