It’s time to talk alcohol and weight loss, and it’s not because in order to live a #healthy lifestyle (pick up on my sarcasm there?) you need to rid all the alcohol from your life. But the more educated you are, the more informed choices you can make when you pick up your next drink.

Generally speaking for most people, alcohol falls into the “I need to do less of” category when they start out on a new fitness program – because as enjoyable as it can be (until the morning after!) alcohol can be very, very calorie dense and push you further away from your goals. So dense that on a big “night out” heavy drinkers are consuming an entire day worth of calories in pure liquid form. ANNNNDDDD you can bet that after you’ve had a big night out, there always seems to be some hot chips and souvlaki calling your name after the nightclub closing lights come on (we’ve all been there my friend..)

Add up the calories from your big night and of course, some hang-over food on top of that can make it pretty difficult to stay in a calorie deficit. Especially if it’s a regular occurrence for you. Now, we’re painting an extreme picture here (although common for some) and this is very different from having a glass of red on a Friday night with dinner. However, we thought you might be surprised to know what some of your favourite drinks look like compared to some of your favourite foods…


Beers can range anywhere from 100 calories per beer all the way up to 400, so it really depends on what exactly you’re drinking when it comes to this popular bevy and how many you are consuming. These days, there are many lower calorie options when drinking beer, however, keep in mind it can end up being high in sugar. This comparison is based from two Carlton Draughts… but if you have a few more, well, you could have had half a pizza instead.



One standard glass of red wine is around 115 calories, and not a bad choice if you are able to limit yourself to 1-2 glasses. Just be mindful of who’s pouring them (sometimes it’s very easy to drink more than you intended)


Once we start on the popular “alcopops” we find the calories start to stack up pretty quickly. With zero protein or fat, these sugar-filled drinks are purely carbs and alcohol, as soon as any type of soft drink or cordial is added you can expect the calorie density to rise quickly – and the headache to be a lot worse.


What’s a night out without an espresso martini or two? Cocktails can be the ultimate indulgence depending on what you decide to go for, and if you’re trying to watch your calorie intake it’s probably best to put the cocktail menu down…

As you can see through these comparisons, it’s not hard to accidentally find yourself overindulging on alcohol, especially if you’re mixing drinks and having quite a few. This also doesn’t take into account the side effects of too much alcohol in the following few days as your body recovers. However, unless you are someone who doesn’t enjoy alcohol then it can be pretty tough not to drink in social situations, especially on special occasions. We suggest picking your drinks wisely, something like vodka, soda & lime will fair better in the calorie department than a cocktail – but at the end of the day, you need to enjoy yourself and your life. If you enjoy alcohol mindfully on special occasions, then having a few drinks can be an important part of your balanced lifestyle.

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