Dani Loxton is one of the best yoga teachers we know. Cool, calm and collected in her own goofy way. We love the relaxed atmosphere she brings with her to her teachings and the giggles aloud (if not expected) in her classes. On top of that, she is an amazing mother to Ivy and her Instagram posts will make you laugh at your phone screen every time she starts a ramble (High recommend you check out her Instagram @daniloxton).

1. What’s your star sign?
    I’m on a cusp – Sagittarius and Capricorn (split personality?)

2. Morning or night owl?
    Night fo’Sho!

3. Sweet or Savoury?
    Both (quince paste and cheese anyone?)

4. Introvert or Extrovert?
   Extroverted Introvert.

5. Breakfast? or Lunch?

6. Saturday night’s in or out?
    oh in. absolutely in, preferably without a bra and in man jocks.

7. Instagram or Facebook?
    Insta, duh.

8. What’s your all-time favourite meal?
    A juicy big ass hunk of steak and fresh AF steamed vegetables.

9. What’s your guilty pleasure?
    I have never really had a ‘guilty pleasure’
    If I want something, I’ll eat it or I’ll do it, with zero guilt.
    But I’m a massive believer in balance.

10. Describe yourself in 3 words?
      Confident, disheveled, passionate

11. Describe your teaching style in 3 words?
      Authentic, imperfect, supportive

12. Who would be your dream client?
      Someone who completely surrenders while they’re on the mat and also willing to take what they learn off the mat.

13. What is your favourite 141 Fitness class?
      I do love a good leg session, nothing feels as good as struggling to sit on the toilet feels.

14. Top 5 songs on your yoga playlist?  
       1. Holocene – Bon Iver
       2. River – Leon Bridges
       3. Reverie – Isaac gracie
       4. Jaya shiva shanara
       5. Brave – Rley pearce

15. Whats the top song on your most recently played playlist?
I can sing a rainbow – Playschool.

16. If you could sit at a table with 5 famous/well-known people, who would they be?
      Veronica Mars, Buffy… oh you mean REAL people???

17. If you were a fruit or vegetable, you would be a?
Asparagus. (and I’d make your pee stink saaa bad)

18. What aisle would we find you in at the supermarket?
      Fruit and vegetable aisle. But not because I’m an incredibly healthy person. But I do LOVE my vegetables

19.Favourite way to spend a Sunday?     
Spending my morning with a bunch of radiant pregnant ladies practicing yoga and connecting with their babes. (my favourite part about Sundays!) but continuing the day with Colby and Ivy, it doesn’t happen very often unfortunately. So those very simple Sundays spent out of the house together getting lunch and playing at the park is my perfect Sunday.

20. What is one (just one for now) thing that Ivy has done that makes you giggle every time you remember it?
Every time I think of her I giggle, not over one particular story or moment.
She has the funniest personality I think I have ever come across. She has the perfect mix of funny and creep.

21. What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?
My mum always insisted as a child that I needed to learn to laugh at myself.
its simple advice, but something that has always stuck.

22. What advice would you give your 15-year-old self, knowing everything you know now?
1. There’s so much more to life than BOYS. So stop worrying about them and go back and do your homework!! now!
2. Allow yourself to be the introvert you are. There’s no shame in wanting to be alone. be confident in who you are.
3. Set Goals, but take chances. Don’t try to grow up too fast. It’s a trap.

23. What is one of the kindest things your clients have said to you that you’ll always remember?
Every single time I get a birth announcement photo accompanied by an “I couldn’t have done it without you and your classes” I’m a blubbering mess (clearly they could have done it without me, but still)

24. Where did you study for your yoga teacher training?
Koh Pha-ngan in Thailand

25. How long have you been teaching Yoga?
Around 5 years.

26. Have you ever had any epic headstand/yoga stacks? Please share…
Absolutely, the one that stands out right now is when I was trying to get a photo of me and a friend head standing against one another…and she landed on me, over and over again.

27. Favourite Quote?     
Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.


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Instagram: @daniloxton
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