Eating out and attending social events can be pretty damn tough (and a little daunting) when you’re trying your hardest to lock down a healthy lifestyle, because in this day and age – our lives revolve around food.
From birthdays to parties, to catching up with friends or even a date night – everywhere we go it’s like there’s a permanent grazing platter right in front of us, just asking to be devoured! (they are actually everywhere!) Not to mention the pressures we sometimes get from certain “friends” – aren’t you eating? Why aren’t you drinking? Just have the dessert! It can make sticking to your goals and your guns very hard, and while we absolutely (like 100%) back you to smash that cheese board, there are a few things you can do when eating out that can ensure an easier and enjoyable night out without feeling like you’ve taken a step backward the next day!


Know you’ve got a big meal coming up that night? Work your day around it – have a big nourishing breakfast and a lighter lunch with fewer snacks than normal and you’ll have plenty of room for that big meal without feeling overfull or sick. If possible, check out the menu of the restaurant online before you go, so many restaurants have their menu available online and it’s a great way to know what’s on offer and plan the rest of your day accordingly!

Keep it simple

The simpler the meal – the fewer ingredients and probably the less added fat and sugar! If possible try to opt for a meal with a mix of protein, fats, and carbs and if you can get any veggies or salad on your plate you’ve done well! If not? It’s no biggie – you’ve planned your day around a big meal anyway so you better believe you’ve got the room for that pasta!

Don’t be scared to say what you want

The thing about eating out is that you never really know how a dish is prepared, how much oil they might be cooking in or what the ingredients are in a sauce. Don’t be scared to alter your meal and ask for things like sauces or dressings on the side, or no oil – most restaurants are pretty used to this and will be happy to oblige, and you’ll be able to control your portion size a little easier!

Eat mindfully

Enjoy your meal consciously – eat slowly and enjoy every mouthful. Not only will you appreciate the food 1000X more but you’ll also be conscious of when you’re feeling full. It is VERY easy to overeat when you’re out and about, and often that’s where our downfall is – it’s not eating an “unhealthy meal” it’s eating too much. Know when you’re full and listen to your body, particularly if you are saving room for dessert! (YUMMM!)

Enjoy it!

As we always say, life is here to be lived and that certainly includes spending time with the people you love around the food you love to eat. As much as I hate to jump on the millennial “balance” bandwagon – that is exactly what a healthy lifestyle is so please don’t avoid doing the things you love because “it’s the only way” to be healthy – it’s just not true! One “unhealthy” meal will not “undo” your entire week of nutritional eating, it’s what we do consistently that sticks. Jump on a few of our simple tips and enjoy the best of both worlds.

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