About the 141 Fitness classes


We offer a variety of Strength and Conditioning classes for everybody. Our focus is on results and to get you as fit as possible and get you the results you are seeking in a possible time frame. We love pushing you to your limits and testing those boundaries. Be prepared for a sweat session that leaves your body craving for more.



Our weights classes focus on the major compound lifts such as Squats, Deadlifts, Hip Thrusts, Bench Press and Power cleans. Supplementing your workout with accessory exercises to build strength and muscle tone.



Strength FIT incorporates more power and explosive movements alongside some cardio elements. A slightly faster-paced workout than our regular weights sessions. A workout designed to give you the best of lifting weights with a side of some cardio fitness.


Private classes are tailored specifically to your own requirements – post-injury, recovery or learning correct technique as a beginner. 1 on 1 Private Sessions are available by appointment only. You can enquire over here.



If you’re looking for a fun way to improve your fitness and get some cardio in, this class is for you. Predominately boxing focused to improve your overall fitness level. BYO Boxing gloves if you have them. Or you can borrow a pair of ours but you must always wear a pair of cotton inners for hygienic reasons.


Our toughest class for the week on Saturday mornings. A fast-paced workout that includes a fusion of cardio and weights. Designed to have your heart rate elevated for 55 minutes and feeling puffed. This class is always a nice challenge for your Saturday morning.


Focusing on building a strong core, with the fusion of cardio elements to elevate your heart rate for the ultimate burn. This class is often a timed circuit style class.