Adrian joined us on our first 28-Day Challenge of 2018 and has pretty much been addicted ever since! He has completed the 28-Day Challenge a mammoth 5 times and lost an incredible 15 kilograms in his first year at 141Fitness. A big motivator in the gym for other members, Adrian has embraced the 141Fitness lifestyle and is proof that hard work certainly pays off.
We had a chat about gym, lifestyle and chocolate lava cake (of course!)…

Tell us a little about your fitness journey and what lead you to join us at 141 Fitness?

141’s 28-Day Challenge is where it all started, it was a ‘New Year, New Me’ kind of thing. I had returned from my New Year’s break and after a quick look in the mirror, I knew I had to make some serious changes. I tossed around the idea of completing 141’s 28-Day challenge and shortly after, I bit the bullet, and submitted an online enquiry. This was last January 2018 and way out of my comfort zone but 12 months later and here I am, continuing to work on my long term fitness goals.

You have completed our 28-Day Challenge (well, completely smashed it!) What are some of the things you learned along the way?

Last year I completed 3 separate 28-Day Challenges and 1x 8 Week Challenge! Some called it an addiction, I called it a commitment. As each challenge progressed, I found myself more comfortable and confident with my decisions around training and food. The fist of veg and a palm of protein motto became a part of my everyday life so easily. I no longer see it as a challenge but a lifestyle choice.

15 kg is an amazing amount of weight to lose! Exactly how hard was it?

15kgs surprisingly sounds a lot harder than what it was. As I completed many challenges I found time passed rather quickly, the fitter I became the easier the weight seemed to move. With a balanced diet and newly found passion to sustain an active lifestyle, the weight loss continued and most importantly has stayed off.

Post the 28 Day Challenge talk us through what your gym routine looks like now?

Since completing a series of 28-Day Challenges I now train 4-5 days a week as follows:
Monday: Boxing
Tuesday: Weights – Legs
Wednesday: HIIT 50
Thursday: Weights – Upper
Saturday: Bootcamp….. if I don’t cancel!

How do you stay motivated to go to the gym and stick to a routine?

There are a few things that I use to keep motivated, sticking to my routine and achieving my health/fitness goals. These things consist of a great network and friendships formed at the gym, working out with friends, receiving rewarding feedback and seeing results in myself – which actually isn’t always easy. I have learned results aren’t always visible, improving and achieving something you couldn’t a week ago is also a great result.

What advice would you give someone starting out on a fitness and health journey who is hoping to lose weight but has no idea where to start?

I’d suggest setting a realistic goal, this could be long or short term – it doesn’t have to involve weight loss. Buddy up and start training with a friend, it’s a good way to keep yourself on track. Book in and talk to a personal trainer, I know a few good ones!
Also, don’t take yourself too seriously, balance is key. Don’t beat yourself up over the occasional cheat meal or sometimes a cheat day. Enjoy it, just remember to get your diet and exercise back on track – balance.

Favourite go-to snack?

Banana Proteins Pancakes with Peanut Butter.

Your favourite exercise at the gym?

I really enjoy the rest periods between work stations, I’ve nailed those haha! But in all seriousness I’d say the sled, I don’t know why.

The exercise you dread the most in the gym?

Butterflies, something that sounds so sweet burns so bad!

Your favourite treat?

Treat or cheat? I’d go for a warm chocolate lava cake at the pizza café any day!

If you’re not in the gym, where will we find you?

Possibly at the Pizza Café eating a lava cake haha!

Favourite quote?

Dream Large. Live Larger!


Our next 28-Day Challenge isn’t until the end of April 2019. But you can join us for our 12-week Autumn cycle starting March 11th over here. Then jump on the 28-Day challenge when the waitlist opens up come April.

Photography: Vision House Photography