When your motivation is low in the last few sets of a Saturday bootcamp, Zack Taggert is the guy you want in your corner, yelling (nicely!) and cheering you on to get your last few reps done. But, not only is he a massive team player, he’s also had an incredible lifestyle transformation since joining 141 Fitness at the end of September 2018. Dropping 14.5kg and 8% bodyfat in 5 months, he is a walking, talking result of what can be achieved when you commit to something. We had a chat to find out exactly how his life has changed…

Before you became a member at 141Fitness how were you feeling/what were you doing in terms of exercise and nutrition?

Well to be honest very little. I always planned to do weekly workouts but always seemed to put work ahead of my health and fitness. Plus, being on the road for work I always found myself having iced coffees regularly in the mornings and knew where all the best country bakeries were!

What made you decide to sign up for the 28-Day Challenge at 141Fitness?

Well, I got a bit of a fitness base at the end of 2018 and attempted the 8-Week Challenge, but I found that over spring carnival it was hard to give it my all. So, I decided I wanted to give myself a 100% crack at completing a 28-Day Challenge in January 2019, to see what I could actually achieve if I put my mind to it.

Tell us about your results after completing two 28-Day Challenges?

I was actually surprised with how well I did losing 8.3 kgs in the 28 days and just after two weeks I had already achieved my 28-Day Challenge goal so it actually motivated me to go harder which was great. Plus I was actually willing to try everything this time, even almond milk! Now, that’s what I use instead of normal milk (Thanks Elly!) I’m really loving training at the minute and have kept up with my diet since challenge and I’m actually under 90 kgs now for the first time in 10 years, so I’m extremely happy.

What lifestyle changes and habits have you now formed? 13kg down and keeping it off, you must have some good tips!

Putting myself ahead of work has been one of the main factors, but just monitoring what I actually eat, plus prepping more lunches on the road rather than just buying sausage rolls and vanilla slices helped. Also, cutting out sugary drinks like iced coffee, soft drinks and riding to work/gym rather than driving all the time has certainly helped too.

What advice would you give to someone who might be thinking about making some lifestyle changes to become healthier and increase their fitness?

Put your health and fitness first and actually have a red hot crack, set a long term goal but you need little goals to motivate you on your journey. You’ll be quite surprised by what you can really achieve if you give 100% even just for 28 Days.

Your favourite thing about being a 141Fitness member?

It feels like a big family here, everyone is always motivating each other during sessions and to be honest, the Christmas party/Amazing Race was the best fun!

Favourite class at 141Fitness?

I’d say Saturday bootcamp. It’s longer and tougher, but it’s the best way to start the weekend and you don’t care if you have a big night planned knowing you’ve already done the hard work that morning.

Top 5 favourite exercises?

1. Sled
2. Ski Erg
3. Runs
4. Rower
5. Box Jumps (I actually couldn’t do them when I started)

The exercise you dread the most?

When I’ve just ridden to 141 and then I see the bike is on the list for HIIT class!

What’s your go-to treat?

Chocolate or Tim Tams.

AM or PM workouts?

PM is easier with work but I prefer to get a workout done first thing in the morning when I can!

Running or Rower?


Favourite AFL team?

St Kilda, it’s been a tough journey.

If you’re not in the gym, where would you be? (Other than work)

Well, being a workaholic when I actually make time… I’ll either be fishing or on a road trip somewhere.

Favourite quote?

Treat Yo Self!


Our next 28-Day Challenge will commence April 29th, 2019.

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