“I really wish I knew that lifting weights is not going to make you bulky, it’s going to make you toned, make you fit and make you feel stronger.”

“When I started to get to know people here and make friends, it was exciting to come and catch up with everyone.”

– Danielle

“The biggest thing I’ve learned is the benefits of doing resistance training. Had I known that I probably would’ve started weights a lot earlier.”
“I really like the group atmosphere, it’s not a huge group, it’s not overwhelming”

– Libby K.

“I wish I knew that you didn’t have to be fit before you came. It is pretty intimidating to walk in the doors the very first time. I was really nervous the first time, but that was it.”

“Walking into these doors changed my life.”


– April S.

“The warm and welcoming atmosphere keeps me coming back to 141 Fitness. The 141 community is more like a family than a membership; fostering camaraderie, confidence, health, fitness, and most importantly, our wellbeing. I started at 141 in 2017 with two classes, now I attend up to 5 days a week – I just love it. “

– Jacinda D.

I just love it. Being in my mid-40s now, I feel fitter than I’ve ever been and stronger. It’s a  private gym as well, and that’s what I love. I don’t feel intimated or  “omg I can’t do this at all”, cause I can do this. I’ve made so many awesome friends. I love the challenge as well to see if I can achieve the next step or fitness level, and if I can’t get to that next level,  I keep doing what my body tells me and the trainers are there to help and guide us.
– Sarah M.

“141 Fitness gets me out of bed every morning at 5:30am (which is saying something for a very sleepy person). It’s like a second home, everyone is friendly, warm, and welcoming. The trainers push you to do your best without being overbearing. The equipment is modern and the classes aren’t overcrowded. I have a knee injury and the classes can be adapted to suit.”

– Ebony C.

“I love the group atmosphere 141 has. Everyone supports each other, whether they’re new or have been there for a while. Having Daniel as a trainer has really helped as well. I’ve been at 141 for about 2 years, and right from the start he’s constantly checked in on me and pushed me to do my best.”

– Giorgia S.



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