When it comes to optimal health and fitness, it’s essential that you include strength and conditioning training into your exercise regime. If you’ve never focussed much on strength-based exercises, it’s surprisingly easy to integrate them into your workouts, with an endless variety of lower body and upper body strengthening workouts on offer. So, what benefits can you expect when you start your strength training? Let’s find out!

Maintains muscle mass
From around the age of 40, our muscle mass gradually decreases and our body fat increases. However, focusing on strength training can help prevent, or at least slow down, the loss of muscle mass as we get older. Increased muscle mass also helps protect your joints from injury and improves your balance and coordination.

Promotes strong bones
As you increase your strength training, you’ll notice a change in your physical appearance as you become stronger and more toned. However, what’s less obvious is the positive impact it can have on your bones. Strength based training puts stress on your bones, which is actually a good thing because it increases bone density, structure and strength.

Maintains healthy weight
When it comes to maintaining a healthy weight, we usually think of regular cardio workouts. Although cardio definitely has the ability to burn off calories, strength training can also help. While it’s true you won’t burn the same number of calories as a cardio workout, strength training will boost your metabolism and keep it fired up well after your workout is finished.

Boosts energy and mood
Strength training isn’t just important due to its physical health benefits – it can also be hugely beneficial for your mental health. With regular strength workouts, It can help to boost your energy levels and boost your mood. Not only that, strength training can also boost your thinking skills for improved mental sharpness and help you sleep better at night.

Helps manage chronic disease
If you suffer from certain chronic conditions, you might be surprised to learn that strength training can help in many cases. If you suffer from back pain, diabetes, arthritis, obesity or heart disease, strength training can help you manage these conditions. Always remember to chat to your doctor before you start! A number of studies have also looked at the benefits of strength workouts for those suffering from depression and anxiety.

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