Living in Mildura, you may have tried a gym class here or there, or you may consider taking the dog for a walk around the block to be about your level of fitness capabilities, but you might be selling yourself short. If you felt that you didn’t get anything out of your odd gym class here or there, you are probably right, and if you find yourself struggling to keep up with Fido’s boundless energy, it may be time to invest in a fitness membership.

‘I don’t live near a fitness club, so it’s probably not for me.’
Not necessarily, sometimes having the fitness option in close proximity i.e. a treadmill in your living room – being used as a clothes airer; can be hard to engage. If it’s always there in front of you, it just becomes part of the furniture and its hard to motivate yourself to get into that fitness frame of mind when you can also see that the dishwasher needs to be emptied, the bills on the fridge need to be paid, you need to bring the washing in off the line etc.…
Having to get in your car, and drive to the gym can actually be a blessing, as it forces you to get away from your usual distractions, and gives you time to tune everything out and focus on your health and well being for a short period of time.
Mildura has some great options, such as 141 Fitness in Irymple. Located just 10 minutes from the Mildura town center, it has a range of health and fitness classes to suit all fitness levels.

Regular exercise produces results
Like with most things in life, the more you put in, the more you get out. So by including regular gym sessions into your lifestyle, you allow yourself the chance to set goals and see real, tangible results. With a team of experts to help you along the way, you can be confident that when you hit a roadblock, there are a team of dedicated trainers to help you readjust your fitness routine to evolve with your abilities.

Be part of a new community
It’s amazing how quickly you start to recognize the faces at the gym, even after just a couple of weeks into a new fitness regime. Fitness gyms are a gathering of like-minded people, all working towards their own goals, so it’s nice to leave the comfort of your surrounds and meet new people. At 141 Fitness, programs like the 28 Day Challenge and our new MACROS program build on this, by encouraging participants to be involved in the online group forum to track progress and offer helpful tips.

If joining a fitness studio is something you keep putting off, its time to make a commitment to yourself and put your health and wellbeing first.