A 28 Day challenge may seem like an arbitrary length of time, and you may be wondering why 28 days? Why not 2 weeks? Why not 6 months? Well, a 28-day challenge is an intensive health and fitness overhaul, and it requires dedicated commitment by the participants, but it also needs to produce results.  Less than 28 days, and it’s not enough time to see visible results for all your hard work, more than 28 days, it becomes harder to stick to such an intensive program on the long term.  A 28-day challenge is designed to work closely with your trainers, and with the commitment from you, and the dedication of your trainers, you should be able to break through your fitness boundaries and create a new fitness program to step up your training method.


A short period of time

28 Days may seem like a walk in the park, but keep in mind, this isn’t just a continuation of your usual fitness regime, this involves up to 8 sessions with a PT within that time and a 2 phase nutrition plan, which will require time and commitment from you. Your dedication during this time, however, will be rewarded with results that you may not have been able to achieve through years of your usual diet and exercise.



Unlike any other ordinary eating plan where you are given the information then sent away, we will be with you every step of the way as we will be seeing you throughout the week for your training sessions.  With close contact, we can help you stay on track, and answer any questions or help remedy roadblocks you may hit along the way.  With the private Facebook community for the 28-day challenge, you can also support and help each other as you track your progress together.


Nutritional Plan

Your body is only as strong as the fuel you put into it, so even the best ab workout in the world can be unsuccessful if you are eating food that will sabotage your goals.  It’s not easy to know what is good for us as your nutritional requirements change as your training and physical activities increase, so by having a nutrition plan that is designed to compliment your new workout routine, you know you are giving your body the best chance to see real results.


Reduce Cellulite due to intensity

Cellulite is a hard thing to reduce, once it takes up residence on your body, it can be tricky to shift.  Regular light exercise alone, although great for your overall well-being, might not be enough to reduce the appearance of cellulite on your body.  However, by increasing the intensity of your workout and altering your eating as well, you can finally reduce the appearance of cellulite, and keep it off by adapting your new training and nutrition plan into your everyday life.

If you thought a 28-day challenge would be a breeze, think again, because this is a serious fitness challenge designed for anyone who is wanting to take their fitness goals to the next level, and see visible positive results.